Orange Waterproof Backpack
Orange Waterproof BackpackOrange waterproof backpack

Papaya Orange Waterproof Backpack – SUP Accessory


SUP Accessory: Waterproof backpack to take Stand Up Paddling. Small, lightweight and attractive but large enough to fit your basic items (phone, keys, ID/money) that you should take with you when out on the water.

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Product Description

The best SUP accessory out there!  Finally a waterproof backpack with a smaller profile for Stand Up Paddling and other water sports like Outrigger Canoe, Kayak, boating or just a day at the beach.  This SUP Accessory is small, lightweight and attractive but large enough to fit your basic items (Phone, Key Fob, Glasses, Extra shirt) that you would like to take with you when out on the water.

Use: Place your phone, keys or key fob, money and snack in the waterproof backpack when you travel from your car to the water. Then, when on the water, you can wear the bag or attach it to your board. A must have for days out of the water Stand Up Paddling.

The outside mesh pocket with zipper closure is good for sunscreen, lip balm or other waterproof items.

Your water bottle can be stored at the bottom of the bag in the mesh net.

Neoprene fabric on the back of the bag is comfortable against your skin.

Have the freedom to stay out on the water as long as you like by having your essentials with you.

Product details.
11” high
7” wide
1.5 “ deep
8.6 ounces

Directions for Use: To close bag: press opening together, making sure it is wrinkle free.  Fold down the top of bag THREE TIMES tightly, making sure there is pressure on the opening, then clip to the front.

Don’t overfill your bag, or have sharp objects against the fabric. Improper sealing may impact the water tightness.

Warning: Backpacks are not a personal floatation device. Hydrobabe is not responsible for loss or damage caused by misuse or improper sealing. Hydrobabe backpacks are intended to protect your equipment from rain, splash and intermittent shallow immersion.

Warranty: Hydrobabe backpacks are warranted for the life of the product against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship.   Not covered: Normal wear, abrasion, misuse, abuse. Hydrobabe will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages. No responsible to damage caused by misuse or improper sealing.

Additional Information

Weight 0.5375 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 7 x 1.5 in


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